Annual Elections

Annual Elections of the officers occurs each December.  The officers include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Any dues paid member in the PTC can run for a an officer position (must have dues paid for year running). Officer positions are held on a calendar year basis.  Members interested in having their name placed on the ballot shall send an email [email protected] by no later than November 18th, 2015 stating their interest to run as a board member, and the particular position for which you intend to run.

Normally, one member volunteers to monitor the election process and does so prior to November 1.

Platforms and bios must be sent in November 24th.  Please note that the current officers do not have access to the [email protected] email mailbox.

The election monitor will notify current members about voting processes.

The voting ballot will open on December 1st. In order to be elected, you must be a paid member of the PTC for the upcoming calendar year (i.e. if running for a office for the 2016 term, you must pay your 2016 dues in order to be elected).  The voting ballot will remain open until December 13, 2014 and the results will be distributed to members the first week of January at the latest.

In order to provide confidentiality of member votes, two non-board members volunteered to administer the voting process and will ensure votes remain confidential.

If you have any questions pertaining to the election process, please email [email protected]

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