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Services Offered

QT2 Systems Brands: 1-1 personalized, detailed triathlon, running, cycling, nutrition, and fueling coaching. Locally coached training group workouts such as open water swimming at Shenango Lake, running & cycling group workouts, clinics, lectures, and more.


Scriptfit:  Coaching for general fitness, nutrition, return from injury performance coaching, pre/post-rehab training, movement analysis & training.  Pre/post-race services such as soft tissue mobilization & release techniques instrumented assisted soft tissue mobilization, myofascial cupping, manual stretching, kinesiology taping.  Amy also offers keynote speaking services to meet the needs of your group.


Amy is a coach, speaker, educator, and mother and has been a coaching professional for 30 years.  Amy is an endurance coach with QT2 Systems, LLC and is the owner of Scriptfit LLC, a fitness/wellness/nutrition coaching business.  She coaches beginner athletes up to world championship qualifiers.

As the national Team In Training QT2 coordinator coach (charity team for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society), Amy expands resource development, formulates training plans, and services coach/athlete education within Team In Training.


Amy lives in Hermitage, PA with her husband who is a physical therapist and 3 daughters.  Amy is a recently retired professional triathlete and currently focuses on her coaching profession,100pct.  Honors include the 2017 Ironman Los Cabos Overall Female Champion, 2015 Beach 2 Battleship Iron Distance Overall Female Champion, 2015 TryCharleston 70.3 Overall Female Champion and is a 10x Ironman World Championships qualifier and multiple Boston Marathon Qualifier.  Career bests of 9:25, IM and 4:26, 70.3.


Amy comes from a collegiate running background and combines her professional knowledge and her experiences of training as a working parent to help coach those she serves.

Coaching Certifications

USAT Certified Coach,  M.Ed.

Coaching Philosophy and Approach

The best training plan is one that adjusts to the athlete’s schedule and needs and does not bring any unnecessary stress upon the individual that may stagnant progress. Amy has trained while raising a family and knows the challenges that are faced. She is an educator at heart and strives to teach her athletes the “why” behind their training regiments. Amy focuses on key components such as nutrition, injury prevention, and mental training and helps the athletes under her guidance learn the essentials of getting to their starting line happy, healthy, and balanced.  Amy works hand in hand with a team of professionals to holistically serve her athletes: a certified sport registered dietitian,  a physical therapist, and a mental training coach.

PTC Incentives

ORR Personal Coaching – 5% discount

ORR Group Sessions – $5 discount per month

QT2 1-1 Coaching - $20 discount per month (annual savings of $260)

QT2 Annual Mission Plans - $10 discount per month (annual savings of $260)

QT2 Mental Fitness Services – 5% discount

QT2 & ORR Training Camps – 15% discount per camp    

Core Diet Nutrition Plan – 10% discount

Core Diet Race Fueling Plan – 15% discount

Core Diet Daily Meal Plans – 10% discount

Run Formula Per Diem Mission Plan – 20% discount for first-timers only

Run Formula 1-1 Coaching – 5% Discount (annual savings of $120)

Scriptfit Services - 10% discount

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