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Cycling Safety

Unfortunately Pittsburgh like many cities has had its share of incidents with automobiles and cyclists. If you are training please try to connect with other riders. Consider buying and wearing a RoadID. And it goes without saying – wear a helmet or don’t get on your bike!

If you are involved in an accident Bike Pittsburgh has compiled a great resource for you. Bike Pittsburgh issues a new map each year and offers cycling clinics on a fairly steady basis.

The Bud Harris Cycling Oval in the city is a decent place to test out more advanced bike skills, and some PTC members will help you get those chops in order. Places like North Park, and areas of the GAP trail are also spots to practice things like clipping and unclipping.

We’d love to have some mentors for new cyclists, since almost everyone seems to register some anxiety with either the bike or the swim (almost no one harbors a fear of running) so if you are willing to pair up with a new cyclist for those maiden voyages on a new Tri bike, reach out to other members on group rides via our Facebook page or speak up at a meeting or social gathering.

It’s worth reviewing before you start getting out on the roads.

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