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Our sponsors support the performance and health of our athletes by providing quality products and services, often at a substantial discount.  Many of our sponsors are athletes themselves!

In turn, we support our sponsors with our business, our feedback, and our referrals.

Sponsor discounts are a member-only exclusive and subject to verification of eligibility.  Please be prepared to provide your name and show a valid I.D.  Discount codes are provided to club members via the club’s monthly newsletter.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, or you would like to recommend a sponsor, please contact us at


A number of local triathlon and swim coaches offer discounts on their services to PTC members. Refer to the coaching resources page for more information.


Discounts on race registration are exclusively available to club members for selected races in the region. Historically, race discounts have been offered by the Race Directors for the Mighty Moraine Man, Janney and the Y North Park Triathlon, Presque Isle Triathlon, Steelman Triathlon, and Tri-CLE Rock Roll Run. Discount codes are provided to current club members via the monthly newsletter or direct email communications.

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