Laura Gailey Moul - President


My name is Laura Gailey Moul and I have been a member of PTC for 5ish years, doing triathlon and other adventure and endurance type activities for the last 15ish years, and a member of the PTC board as Vice President for the last year. 


Over the last several years, I have really enjoyed studying the art and science of triathlon. The sport of triathlon is extremely complicated and the continual personal growth in my own racing and training AND seeing others achieve their own personal goals, has definitely fueled my passion for this sport.


PTC has an incredibly rich history filled with athletes and board members who have made the club what it is today. As the club’s President I strive to continue this and hope to make those who have contributed in the past, proud of what the club, and our members, have achieved.


I hope to encourage (at a minimum), the following 4 items this upcoming year:

  1. Volunteerism - we can’t train or race without volunteers and I hope to continue to acknowledge and celebrate the volunteers who dedicate hours of their personal time to make this happen. This past year was our first year for the Volunteer of the Year award, and I hope to continue that and have it become an annual tradition.

  2. Exposure and support to all athletes, regardless of race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, and geographic location within Pittsburgh/Allegheny County (north, south, east or west of PGH!), and experience level (newbies to intermediate to very experienced).  I hope to help provide the resources and community so important for ALL to set personal goals and achieve them.

  3. Providing athletes with more experience and/or formal training plans an opportunity to continue to train and learn from each other as well as ability to mentor newer athletes by doing more “Bring Your Own” workout sessions.  These sessions provide the more experienced triathletes an opportunity to use their own workout to train, but also an opportunity for those less experienced or those without formal training programs, to spend time together, hopefully creating a sense of community and ability to learn and grow from each other. 

  4. Ability to make the sport of triathlon more affordable. This will be through continued sponsorship and discounts as well as potentially through scholarships and other donations to allow those who aren’t able to afford triathlon, the ability to “tri”.

I also think that exposing youth to our sport is extremely important, however, I think we have a great opportunity to support an already existing club and organization, Get Fit Families, to do this in our local region. 


Best of luck to all of our athletes as we start 2021 training season soon!

Jocelyn Vincent - Vice President

My first triathlon began out in Moraine State Park with a Sprint Distance.  I showed up clueless as to what I was doing, but by the end of my first morning I fell in love with the sport.  The fellowship seen throughout the morning and the hospitality shown towards me was like no other.  Since then I have actively tried to participate in as many Pittsburgh Triathlon Club events as my time and family have allowed and I look to increase my participation.

I am an active Pittsburgh Masters Water Polo team player, an avid runner and swimmer and can use a lot of improvement on the bike.  I have a passion for charity work and will sign up for just about anything with a cause.  I currently live in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and would love to see more participation in the triathlon world from my area.  I believe that my energy and new ideas will help these efforts.  

Ed Schmiech - Secretary


My love for the sport of triathlon started with my first sprint triathlon at Moraine State Park in 1983 and continues today as an active member of the Pittsburgh Triathlon Club for the past 8 years! The Pittsburgh Triathlon Club has provided me the privilege to meet many fun and inspirational people who share a love for the triathlon lifestyle. My PTC friends have become trusted training partners and have inspired me to challenge myself far beyond what I would have ever done on my own. 


Since joining PTC I have been a frequent participant in club activities and have served as Vice President (2018) and Secretary (2019-21). Over the years my contributions to the club have included leading group bike rides (e.g. the past four July 4th ride/ swim/ride), hauling the club tent and refreshments to multiple local and regional races, and annually preparing a list of regional triathlon races to assist members’ in their race planning. 


I look forward to the opportunity to support PTC's initiatives in 2021. Along with the other officers I will promote multisport and organize welcoming training, educational and social opportunities for club members.  As Secretary l will strive to provide effective and meaningful communications to all of our stakeholders.

Dustin Wehler - Treasurer    


After a competitive running career that started in the mid 90's and extending through college at St. Bonaventure University, and now as a full time working adult i found myself propelled into triathlon about 5 years ago. Today, I find myself wanting to give back to the community that has given me so much. I have chosen to do this by running for treasurer of Pittsburgh Triathlon Club.  


My race resume includes countless 5k, 8k and 10k running events, 4 full marathons and 3 half marathons, numerous Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, and 4 half iron-distance events, including the Savageman 120.  My personal sweet spot is the 5k and the sprint tri, but if find myself entering more and more 70.3 distance events.  May someday I'll go after the full.  Additionally, as an age-grouper I was a swimmer specializing if the sprint events.  Cycling is my favorite discipline, but they all provide a challenge to me.

PTC Leadership Over the Years