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The following principles shall be observed in establishing and engaging with sponsors:

  • Sponsors should offer products or services relevant to the athletic nature and pursuits of the PTC membership and activities.

  • Sponsors should offer products or services that would benefit all members of the PTC regardless of gender, athletic ability, etc.

  • The PTC reserves the right to decline sponsorship offers that do not satisfy the above criteria.

  • Unless otherwise negotiated, sponsorship is non-exclusive; the PTC reserves the right to enlist multiple sponsors in the same industry in order to better serve members in the greater Pittsburgh area.

  • The PTC also reserves the right to limit the number of sponsors at a given level, in a given industry, or in a given geography to avoid overrepresentation.

  • Sponsors may offer discounts on products/services, donation of products/services, and/or monetary contributions to benefit PTC membership or operations.

Excerpted from the 2017 Pittsburgh Triathlon Club Sponsorship Guidelines.

To download the complete guidelines, including sponsorship levels, click here.



For sponsorship inquiries contact us here.

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