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Services Offered

Triathlon Training, Marathon/Half-Marathon/Cross Country/10K/5K Coaching, Training Plan Creation, Running Form and ChiRunning Instruction


For nearly 20 years, I’ve helped coach beginners, state champions, collegiate and professional athletes, in cycling, running, triathlon and general fitness. I’ve placed a major emphasis on helping athletes avoid injury through the ChiRunning Technique, as well as a variety of other methods

Coaching Certifications

IronmanU Certified Coach

Certified ChiRunning Master Instructor

ACE Personal Trainer,

ACE Health Coach

Certified Spinning Instructor

Coaching Philosophy and Approach

While we all have different training and fitness goals, my friends, athletes, and clients are united in their quest to create the best version of themselves imaginable.


With that core philosophy, I believe in working individually with my clients to find an approach that best meets their needs. From classic training methods like periodization protocols to the Maffetone Method, VDOT2 tables, ancestral training techniques and more, I love collaborating with my athletes to develop the program that's right for them.

PTC Incentives

●    Free strategy planning session for PTC member (let’s sit down and look at your race plan, talk about   

       your strengths and opportunities, and set some goals!)
●    25% off in-person coaching packages on

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