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Where we highlight and celebrate our top sponsors!

Our Sponsor of the Month for July is...


  1. PTC PODIUM-level sponsor since 2016!

  2. Consumed, enjoyed, and endorsed by PTC members and elite coaches!

  3. PTC followers and members receive exclusive discounts on online orders and subscriptions!

  4. All-natural protein products contain a whopping 400 mg of cocoa flavanols per serving. Their Elite Endurance products contain over 200 mg of cocoa flavanol.

  5. Founded by Pittsburgh locals Deborah Bruno (CEO), with complete support of her husband Jim (himself an athlete).

  6. Manufactured right on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Currently manufactured in two FDA-approved facilities.

  7. ​All Cocoa Elite products are sold as food items and not as dietary supplements.

  8. Patent Pending formulation for improved athletic performance.

  9. Cocoa Elite is very active in supporting local events as well as local athletes. In addition, the athletic community helps to provide direction for product development. ​

  10. Giving back to the community and those less fortunate is important to Cocoa Elite.


How did you get involved with our club and what appealed to you about us?  What would you like to tell our athletes? 

''It was [PTC member/professional triathlon coach] Chad Holderbaum who introduced us to this local grass roots organization. Our passion is to help support the athletic community with natural products. So, the PTC seemed like a great organization to be our first Club Sponsorship. We are grateful for the warm reception we received!"

- Deborah Bruno, CEO


"Great taste and maximum recovery! As a 36 year old professional athlete, recovery continues to play an important part of my nutrition plan. I was tired of the sports drink type flavor recovery drink and I was so fortunate to find Cocoa Elite. Not only does the new vegan product taste amazing, but it works. I use the product after each of my workout sessions that either include intensity or are over 1 hour in duration and it helps me bounce back faster and stronger for the next session. Age continues to be just a number and I’m very happy to have Cocoa Elite on my side and I stand behind their product as the #1 recovery drink on the market hands down!!!!"

- Chad Holderbaum

"This is a very nice product! Unlike other sports recovery drinks, this one doesn’t taste like chalk! Thanks for letting me try it! I’m looking forward to experimenting with it some more in different ways!"

- Cortney Ballard


"I love chocolate, but always found chocolate milk to be too thick and syrupy, even the low-fat kind. Cocoa Elite is delicious, mixes to just the right consistency, and I know that it is balanced with just the right amounts of nutrients for optimum recovery. I put a single-pack in my dry bag during my marathon. After crossing the finish line I could barely walk, but I downed my Cocoa Elite right away, and that night and the next day I felt better than I ever had post-marathon!"

- Holly Wik

"Ran a 26 miler recent weekend, of course got home feeling my body breaking down, stiff and etc. Within 10 minutes or so of drinking this product, I could feel my strength building back up again. Not only does it taste good, it is far better than donuts after the run, it’s exactly what my body needed for a recovery."

- Erin Bosely

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