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Victory Multisport
Ken Lehman, Scott Bowes, & Sarge McBride

Services Offered

Endurance sports coaching and team atmosphere, specializing in swim, bike, and run coaching related to triathlons, marathons, ultra marathons, ultra swims, and endurance obstacle course training.  

Affiliate services include referrals to experts in nutrition, strength & conditioning, bike fitting, run gait analysis, and performance testing such as VO2 Max testing.  


With over twelve years of experience competing and coaching in triathlons at multiple distances, Victory Multisport principle coaches have more than 20 full-distance 140.6 Ironman finishes, over thirty 70.3 finishes, and numerous local triathlons & marathons.  Victory coached athletes have competed in high profile events including, Ironman 140.6 World Championships, Ironman 70.3 World Championships, Boston & London Marathons, the Cocodona 250 Ultra Marathon, and several ultra swims including Canada-Erie 24-miles swim, and the Three Rivers 30K Swim.  In addition to triathlon, our coaching staff consists of subject matter experts in marathon running, ultra marathons, and ultra swim events. 


We have experience coaching at all levels, from beginner to elite athletes. 

Coaching Certifications

Ironman University Certified

USA Triathlon Certified

USA Track & Field Certified

RRCA Running Certified

Yoga Instructor Certified

UESCA Ultrarunning Coach Certification (in 2023)

USA Swimming (in 2023)

Coaching Philosophy and Approach

Endurance sports can be a great way to stay healthy and fit, as well as test your physical and mental strength. Having a dedicated coach provides accountability and structure for an athlete’s training, ensuring that the healthy lifestyle is maintained. With their guidance and expertise, coaches are able to challenge athletes to not just reach their personal goals but delve deeper into themselves and achieve things they never thought were possible — pushing them out of their comfort zone with confidence. We will not only create a customized training plan, but will provide motivation when times get hard so you don’t lose sight of the desired outcome. Being part of Victory offers tangible results that allow athletes to surpass even their greatest expectations.


Victory Multisport and our community provide an environment to support and train individuals in endurance-based sports, achieving success by focusing on developing mental toughness, confidence, team camaraderie, and athletic training. Our coaching staff is skilled and certified in several disciplines, which enables our athletes to be prepared to meet and exceed their athletic aspirations.


Everyone can participate, from beginner endurance athletes to seasoned age-group amateurs to top-performance competitors. Our passion for sharing our knowledge, skills, and experience will take you to the next level!

PTC Incentives

PTC Members receive discounted coaching subscriptions and discounts for local events such as our annual Victory Race Camp.

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